PrimaViewer® is a web-based tool that allows project stakeholders to view Primavera P6 schedules, without owning a license of  P6.


Did you know that nearly 94% of the top 400 engineering companies in the United States use Primavera P6 to manage their project schedules? Primavera P6 is the best scheduling tool on the market. In many firms, there are only a handful of actual Primavera P6 users, while the rest of the project stakeholders are unaware of the actual project status.


PrimaViewer® is a web-based tool that serves as a Primavera P6 file (XER) importer and report generator and allows project stakeholders to view Primavera P6 schedule data, without owning a license of  P6.

With PrimaViewer® , teams and subcontractors can open a P6 file from the General Contractor (without owning a license Primavera P6) & update their work progress (Don’t worry, the P6 file is NOT modified!) and send a status report back through the application.

PrimaViewer® is also used by management to view schedule data, milestone reports, look-aheads, critical path analysis, WBS analysis, and more.

Coming soon (As an update at no extra charge) are features including resource allocation analysis, cost analysis, and schedule comparison information (schedule vs. baseline or schedule vs. older version of the same schedule) from the project team. The PrimaViewer users can then annotate these reports and send their input/feedback to select members or entire project team, all within the application.

Why PrimaViewer® ?

We noticed a gap when selling Oracle’s Primavera P6 software. Each organization had a handful of P6 users but a much larger number of project team members, who were often unaware of the project status. We wanted to bridge this communications gap with a cost effective tool that would allow recipients of schedule reports to view and analyze schedule data, straight out of Primavera P6.

-Trey Miller, MBA, PMP, PMI-SP, P6 EPPM