Some Key Features of PrimaViewer®

With PrimaViewer® , anyone in your organization can create reports from any P6 (.XER) file with no training needed.

Import a P6 Schedule

With PrimaViewer® , simply use the built-in browse feature to locate any Primavera P6 .XER file.

Analyze Schedule Data & Create Reports

Next, with PrimaViewer’s easy-to-use interface, you will be able to analyze schedule data and generate a number of reports in minutes. These include:

    • Gantt analysis
    • Critical Path analysis
    • Critical Path Tracing! (Track critical activities from start to finish of the project!)
    • Quick Search feature (Search for activities by ID, Name, Duration, Start, Finish, Resources, Cost, Total Float, etc.)
    • WBS analysis
    • Custom lookaheads
    • Filters
    • Calendar day vs. Workday analysis
    • Activity Resource / Manhour assignments
    • Activity Cost Allocation
    • Variance analysis
    • Email your PrimaViewer® output to others
    • Export PrimaViewer® output to Microsoft Excel to run unlimited reports.
    • Progress Updating – Using PrimaViewer® , your team members can update work progress (Start date, Percent Complete, Remaining Duration, Finish Date, Notes) and send this data to the PM in minutes!
    • Save report views for future use!
    • Schedule vs. schedule (or Baseline) (Compare 2 files at once to assess change.) (Coming Soon!)
    • Manpower reports/S-curves (Coming Soon!)
    • and much more..


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