Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I use PrimaViewer WITHOUT owning a license of Primavera P6?

Yes, of course. PrimaViewer allows you to import any XER file from Primavera P6 and run a number of reports from the file data. Owning a license of Oracle's Primavera P6 software is not required.

Is user training needed for PrimaViewer users?

PrimaViewer is very simple to use and training is not needed. Any questions can be answered by PrimaViewer’s experienced technical support reps.

Can I run resource reports with PrimaViewer?

Yes. View the resources and man-hours for each resource for each activity in the schedule.

Primavera P6 is difficult to install. Is PrimaViewer?

PrimaViewer is very easy to install and normal download and installation time is less than 30 minutes. However, if you would prefer, we do have technicians who can do it for you remotely!

If our company needs to see data not displayed in the standard license of PrimaViewer, can we hire PrimaViewer's development team to customize the software?

Yes, absolutely! We want to ensure that PrimaViewer meets your specific needs. Just send us your project needs "wish list" and we will submit a proposal for your approval.

Who uses PrimaViewer?

PrimaViewer is used by Contractors, Subcontractors, Customers, and Executives from a variety of companies in the construction, oil & gas, utilities, telecommunications, and I.T. industries.

Is there a Claim Digger type function built in?

Yes. PrimaViewer allows you to compare 2 schedules simultaneously (Schedule vs. Schedule or Schedule vs. Baseline) and run an analysis on the differences.

Will PrimaViewer open an old XER file?

Yes. PrimaViewer allows you to import any XER file from Primavera versions 5 through 16.

Can I modify data in the XER file using PrimaViewer?

No. PrimaViewer is a Primavera P6 viewer that also allows you to run various reports. If you need to modify Primavera P6 data, we suggest investing in a license(s) of Primavera P6. Please call us at (504) 500-0220 for Oracle Primavera sales information.

Is PrimaViewer owned by Oracle?

PrimaViewer is owned by Critical Path Management, LLC. PrimaViewer developer, Trey Miller, is certified by Oracle (Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Certified Implementation Specialist) and has 15+ years experience using, selling, consulting, and teaching Oracle Primavera P6 software.